"The ACE lectures pointed out the frequently tested areas in the various subjects which helped me focus my studying on the high-yield topics. I could not be happier with the MCAT prep I got from ACE."

Jon W., 38Q, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

"ACE helped me prepare extremely well for the MCAT. I thought the lectures in particular were very helpful. I am very happy with my score."

Lauren C, 39S, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"I tried to prepare for the MCAT on my own initially but got a 27. I was OK with that score but decided to give it another try and do ACE’s study program over the summer. It was ACE’s approach to studying and the access they provide to the best full-length practice tests available that caused my score to jump 10 points."
Seth H., 37R, University of Utah School of Medicine

"ACE was a great value and an effective course. It helped me improve my score by 5 points."

Austin R, 38S, UCLA School of Medicine

"I really enjoyed ACE. I have always recommended this course to everyone. With the resources provided, the quality of instruction, and the pricing - I am shocked by anyone who doesn't choose ACE."

David W, 34, University of Toledo School of Medicine

"In talking with my friends that took other commercial MCAT prep courses, I felt like the experience I received with ACE was much more complete. I got all the strategies, tests, and resources I needed. The study schedule was intense, but it was well worth it. I am very happy with my score."

Rubin M., 41Q, Brigham Young University

"I improved my overall score by 6 points during ACE's MCAT prep course. The structured schedule, help with specific questions, and practice exams helped me increase my relevant knowledge base and feel confident on test day. I'd recommend ACE to anybody."

John M, 35R, The Commonwealth Medical College

ACE Online is a comprehensive MCAT course. The program includes all of the practice tests, textbooks, lectures, strategies, and resources you need to ACE the MCAT.

Every year since 2005, ACE’s students that report following the course structure in its ENTIRETY have AVERAGED between a 32 and 34 on the real test. If you have the discipline to follow the program, you can expect similar results.

This course prepares students to take the current version of the MCAT that will be administered through January 2015. The last administration of this version is January 23, 2015 and all materials associated with the course will expire after that date. We are currently not yet offering registration for a course to prepare students for MCAT 2015. We will post on the website as soon as our MCAT 2015 course is available.

The course includes:

  • All 8 AAMC Tests (Value $245; www.e-mcat.com)
  • Kaplan MCAT Premier Textbook (Value $120; www.amazon.com)
  • 40+ hours of online lectures (Value $300; rates vary by provider)
  • ACE Practice Tests (Value $25)
  • ACE Formula Sheet, Study Guide, and Workbook (Value $25)
  • 13 full-length tests (11 are CBT) plus additional practice questions totaling 4000+ questions
  • 12 week study schedule that can be adjusted to your specific time frame
  • Lecture on med school admissions by former admissions committee physician
  • Online tutoring on approach to MCAT problems
  • All of the strategies and materials you need to Ace the MCAT
  • This course prepares students to take the current version of the MCAT that will be administered through January 2015. Materials associated with this course will expire once the last MCAT of this version is administered on January 23, 2015. We are currently not offering registration for courses to prepare students for MCAT2015.

Are you ready to ACE the MCAT?

*Check out the detailed description of resources

All for $399 (+shipping and handling)

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